Lamorinda Idol


Lamorinda Idol, created and sponsored by the Orinda Arts Council, offers a multi-month collection of auditions, performance workshops, community performances and a final competition. Participants learn to choose music that highlights their talent, present themselves creatively, connect with an audience, take constructive criticism, and win or lose graciously. They also get to meet like-minded young people and feel the support of adult volunteers who believe that performing arts add to the fabric of our community.

Lamorinda Idol is open to young people in kindergarten through 12th grade as of Spring 2014 who either attend school or reside in Orinda, Moraga or Lafayette. Entries may be made by individual soloists or by groups. Young people from other communities can participate in the group categories, providing that at least one of their group is from Lamorinda.

Lamorinda Idol was previously named Orinda Idol and 2014 will be the ninth year of this successful activity. The name was changed in 2013 to reflect the activity's full involvement of young people from Orinda, Moraga and Lafayette.

Auditions will be held in May 2014 when Finalists and Runners-up will be selected by a panel of three judges. Registration for auditions will be from April 1 - 30, 2014. The Finalists will perform at the Finals to be held at the Orinda Theatre on Sunday, September 7, 2014. Soloists will compete in four categories by grade and groups will compete in three categories by grade. Finalists will receive immediate feedback from a panel of three judges. Winners in each category will be based on a combination of the judges' scoring and the audience vote. An Audience Award will also be given to that participant who is not a category winner with the highest number of audience votes, adjusted for category size and number of total category votes. Winners will receive cash prizes and all Finalists will receive gift certificates.

Following the auditions, Finalists and Runners-up will have the opportunity to attend or participate in a number of other events, including performance workshops, a summer pool and karaoke party, and performances in the Orinda Community Park, in Lafayette, at Orinda Theatre Square, and possibly other venues. Winners will also be invited to perform at the Orinda Car Show, the Lafayette Art and Wine Festival, and the Orinda Arts Council's Holiday Luncheon.

Organizing Committee


Steve Harwood

Administrative Assistant

Tosca Maltzman


Esther Becker, Co-Chair
Catherine Coletta, Co-Chair
Jacqueline Welch Co-Chair
Wendy Meckes, Banners
Dawn Kurisu, Website
Roxana Chacon, Graphics


Roxanne Brewer, Co-Chair
Natalie Wheeler, Co-Chair
Linda Drucker, Co-Chair
Fred Johnson, Judges Liaison

Volunteer Coordination

Jen Wallace, Volunteer Coordinator

Performance Workshops

Fred Johnson, Chair
Rena Wilson, Workshop Leader

Sponsorships and Finance

Steve Harwood

Summer Activities and Performances

Kim Purcell, Co-Chair
Kristen Correll, Co-Chair
Maggie Barber, Co-Chair


Zand Gee, Playbill Layout
Roxana Chacon, Ad Design
Tosca Maltzman, Coordination


Betsy Streeter, Co-Chair
Catherine Chen, Co-Chair
Jen Heiskell, Co-Chair
Susan Garell, Judges and MCs Liaison
Petra Michel, Judges and MCs Liaison
Bill Cosden, Gift Certificates
Neris Newton, Audio Manager

To communicate with any on the Lamorinda Idol Committee, please contact us and the appropriate person will respond.